ADM Feed Ingredients 

ADM Feed Ingredients

The growing aquaculture industry is continually challenged to meet growing worldwide demand, produce an attractive product, fight diseases and reduce pollution within the aquaculture environment. ADM has a number of quality feed ingredients that address these issues, including amino acids and fishmeal alternatives.

Cattle & Sheep
At different stages in life, beef cattle have different nutritional demands. Yet the producer’s main goal always remains the same: to optimize performance. ADM is dedicated to providing beef operations and feed manufacturers with innovative nutritional technologies— and the best cost positions—on feed ingredients, additives and other specialty ingredients.

Companion Animals
People with companion animals often don’t think of them merely as pets, but as part of the family. That’s why their animal’s overall health and a long life are goals they value highly. ADM offers a number of ingredients for the companion animal food manufacturer to help dogs and cats live healthy lives. From lecithin to natural-source vitamin E, we have what you need to help you give consumers what they want.

Dairy producers seek feed ingredients that, when used in combinations, will optimize production and profit. ADM is dedicated to providing dairy operations and feed manufacturers with innovative nutritional ingredients and technologies. These technologies not only increase milk production efficiency, they may also enhance the effectiveness of the cow’s immune system.

ADM offers a number of ingredients for the horse feed manufacturer that enable horses to live long and healthy lives. We have the essential fatty acids and highly digestible fiber that you require, to make horse feeds meet your customers’ needs. 

ADM’s animal health and nutrition business supports broiler, layer and turkey operations with exactly the help they need—products, services or a combination of both. ADM has an extensive line of feed ingredients to help you deal with feed and food quality and environmental safety issues. We also provide those same offerings for other poultry species such as ducks, geese, pheasants, quail and other game birds.

ADM has an extensive line of feed ingredients to help you both environmentally and economically. From our main ingredients like vegetable proteins, co-products, grains, milling co-products, and corn processing co-products to amino acids, lecithin, and organic acids, we have the ingredients you need to raise more productive, healthier swine.  

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