Corn Sweeteners


From high-fructose corn syrups and dry sweeteners to no- and low-sugar and reduced-calorie options, ADM offers a wide selection of sweetener products to meet varying needs for sweetness, flavor intensity, viscosity, glycemic response, particle size and price.

ADM helped introduce high-fructose corn syrup to the beverage industry, and today we are one of the leading producers of corn sweeteners including corn syrups, high-fructose corn syrups, maltodextrin, crystalline fructose and dextrose.

Our CornSweet® line is used in the beverage industry as a replacement for cane sugar, and in a variety of baking applications and canned foods. We offer CornSweet 42, which can be used to replace up to 100 percent sucrose; CornSweet 55, used in carbonated beverages; and CornSweet 90, which has an intense sweetness that makes it ideal for sweetening foods and beverages without adding a lot of calories.

ADM’s dry sweeteners have been designed for convenience and where liquid sweeteners are not an option. Dry honey, molasses and malt extract also enhance color, aroma, browning, texture, moisture retention and shelf life.  In addition, ADM offers a full line of sugar products and blends sourced from cane or beet.  Our newest product offering includes non-GMO stevia and monk fruit ingredients to meet increasing global demand for sugar reduction and clean label ingredients.  These on-trend ingredient round out our portfolio of high intensity sweeteners which also includes sucralose.


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