Innovation & Technology

At ADM, we believe a worldwide company needs to offer outstanding services to every consumer, investor and customer, all around the globe.

World-Class R&D
Behind every ADM product is our comprehensive global research-and-development network. Our scientists, researchers and technical representatives can help with product development or work with any of your formulations. When you’re ready to test finished products, our sensory testing team can provide objective, detailed evaluations. In our state-of-the-art culinary center, advanced pilot plants and laboratories all over the world, our network of researchers blends expertise and experience with state-of-the-art equipment to meet our customers’ needs.

Online Services
Specifically for our customers, we offer The e-ADM platform enables customers to cost effectively manage their business with automatic inventory monitoring and ordering, online payments, product and ingredient searches, logistics management and reporting. Our informational services provide increasing collaboration and information sharing with suppliers during product research; increases consistent and reliable delivery to meet production demands; expands use and acceptance of electronic trade documents and remittance; and helps integrate companies with trading partners to facilitate cost avoidance.

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