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In Turkey, ADM owns Amylum Nişasta, a corn wet mill production plant located in Adana, in southern Turkey, where we make a wide range of corn-based products for the food, beverage, paper, packaging and animal nutrition industries. Amylum Nisasta also gives customers access to the wide range of ingredients, services and solutions that ADM offers.

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Established in 1989, Amylum Nisasta began producing starch and glucose syrup in 1992. In 1994 the company joined Eaststarch, which was at the time a joint venture between the Amylum Group (a part-owned subsidiary of Tate & Lyle PLC) and ADM. In 2000, Tate & Lyle acquired full ownership of the Amylum Group, so that the location became a joint venture between Tate & Lyle and ADM. In 2015, ADM acquired full ownership of Amylum Nisasta, which today operates as a subsidiary of ADM

Local and Global Business
Amylum Nisasta is committed to growing our business locally. Following a series of capital investments between 1997 and 2001, we began producing crystalline fructose for customers in Europe and the Middle East. We increased our export capacity with further investments in 2003 and 2006 and started exports across the world. By using only domestic corn in our products for the domestic market, we support local farmers and contribute more broadly to Turkey’s economy. Moreover, as part of ADM’s global network, we bring the benefit of ADM’s expertise to our industry as a whole.

As an occupant of the Adana Hacı Ömer Sabancı Industrial Zone, our top priority is the safety of our employees, our products and our communities. ADM’s commitment to safety ensures that our Amylum Nisasta employees go home safe, every day.

Federation of Food and Drink Industry Associations of Turkey http://www.tgdf.org.tr/
Starch and Glucose Manufacturers Association of Turkey http://nud.org.tr/


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